9 Week Summer Body Challenge

We want to help you transform your body and mind over the next 9 weeks with our REAL approach that guarantee's REAL results. The Summer Body Challenge will get you refocused, reset, give you a healthier lifestyle, a more positive outlook and not only that but the Best Transformation WINS $500 to a brand new wordrobe to go with your NEW body
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Saturday 8th October

12:00pm EST

Only 150 Spots Available

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Whether you are looking to trim down, tighten up, feel better, look better or even fucntion better then this Summer Body Challenge is for you.
The Summer Body Challenge is an all in one complete plan that is focused on detox, weight loss and energisng you. It is not only going to get you summer ready physcially but it will transform you mentally. This is not a fad or a phase, this challenge is for long-term sustainable results. The most holistic transformation challenge in the Hills District.

We will get you feeling better, looking better and functioning better so you can not only maximise you summer but get the most from life and best of all you will be surrounded with like minded individuals.

Challenges help you to re-focus, get yourself into a healthier routine, and shed all the bloating, excess kilos that may have crept on during winter. Challenges bring a sense of excitement, as everyone around you is working towards a common goal to shed the fat and gain lean muscle. The entire program is two months. Give us 9 weeks and less than 10% of your time and we GUARANTEE we can help you achieve goals you never thought were possible.
Lose upwards of 5kgs or more of fat off your body and get fast tracked to having a fit body and strong mind.

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Be your own SUCCESS stroy!!

If this sounds like you and you want results, then its time to experience a CHANGE and feel the REAL difference with our 9 Week Summer Body Challenge.

Whats included in our Summer Body Challenge
Success Session

A comprehensive Initial Consultation to ensure you get the best advice specific to your goals.

9 Week Membership
Full access to our private facility and group personal training classes, as well as your own personal trainer

Individualised Training and Nutrition Plan
A comprehensive performance and nutrition session to lay the foundation to your success and a specific plan to you and the goals you wish to achieve.

For more information on how we can help you
email mitchell@realfitnesspt.com.au OR Call 0433 738 914

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Be your own SUCCESS story!!

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